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CoolMer by PASAYA

CoolMer by PASAYA

CoolMer by PASAYA The Coolest Cotton

Cool soft comfortable, CoolMer the Coolest Cotton



Introducing the latest innovation from PASAYA, supercharging the coolness of the regular cotton by applying the mercerization process at near freezing temperature. The new method of Mercerization allows for a more uniform crystallization of the cellulosic molecular structure within the cotton fiber. This in turn increases the strength and the cooling properties of the fabric. Experience the coolest cotton at our PASAYA shops with the logo CoolMer.

CoolMer by PASAYA

One of a kind 100% cotton for those who admires the true natural touch of cotton.

CoolMer is an innovation trademark by PASAYA

Through years of innovation and product design manufacturing experimentations, PASAYA had discovered a new production method which changes the experience of cotton like never before. The Cool-Mercerization process by PASAYA had been scientifically proven to have enhances the characteristic of cotton fibers. The new method of Mercerization allows for a more uniform crystallization of the cellulosic molecular structure within the cotton fiber. Allowing it to be more superior than other regular cotton in cooling, moisture absorption, and longevity.

Cooling Effects


Cool Mode is the label bestowed by the TGO (Thailand Greenhouse gas management Organization). It is only given to the product as a certification that such product has an exceptional cooling property. When we sleep, a natural phenomenon occurs, our body releases heat to cool down the core body temperature. The excess heat released from our body, if not precipitated well, could lead to sweating and discomfort during sleep. Using bedlinens which allows for greater cooling and water absorbency allows for an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

QMAX value is used to measure the cooling factor of a fabric

Regular cotton has a QMAX value of 0.1 watts/sqcm

CoolMode requires QMAX value of at least 0.14 watts/sqcm

CoolMer by PASAYA has a QMAX value of 0.26 watts/sqcm

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Longevity and Durability Test


CoolMer by PASAYA also underwent a fabric aberration durability test known as the pilling test. Using the Martindale standardize test (ISO 12947), the fabric subject to testing will undergo a constant rubbing to examine the durability and tensile strength of the fiber.

CoolMer by PASAYA can withstand up to 7,000 rubs while still able to maintain its structural integrity without the fabrics having any pilling or small knots on the surface. Other regular bed linen products on the other hand, can only withstand around 2,000 to 5,000 rubs before showing signs of wear and tear. The result of the Martindale test ensures that CoolMer by PASAYA has high durability and a long usage lifespan.


Benefits of Moisture absorbency

Furthermore, CoolMer by PASAYA had also proven to have exceptional capability of moisture absorbency. High moisture absorbency is essential in cooling by keeping the surface of our skin dry and comfortable. As we sink into a deeper state of sleep our body continues to release heat to help cool down the body temperature. If the excess released heat is not properly precipitated, the body will begin to sweat due to cumulated heat around the body, leading to a restless night and an unfulfilled sleep. Fabrics with high capability in moisture absorbency can help aid in the process of cooling, allowing for a more comfortable uninterrupted sleep.

Additional Certificates


Sanitized is a brand of a Swiss Antimicrobial agent, from Switzerland. The SANITIZED label certifies that the product has been properly treated and has an antimicrobial property which stops the growth and cultivation of microorganism and fungus, keeping the fabric fresh and odorless.

Formaldehyde Free

All of PASAYA products are formaldehyde free. Formaldehyde is the precursor of many materials and chemical compounds. Its widespread use, toxicity and volatility poses a significant danger to the human health. The US National Toxic Program describes formaldehyde to be known as the human carcinogen.

Experience CoolMer by PASAYA the coolest cotton at our PASAYA shops with the logo CoolMer.