- SATIN TEXTILES COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 1986 as a small factory in Phra Pradaeng District, beginning its journey with 50 employees and 20 machines.

- To produce textiles that stand out from others, the company has established a design department and an IT department to develop systems and software, aiming for unique and high-quality products.

- With an increasing demand of the products and the need for quality control from start to finish, the company decided to expand its factory to ensure 100% quality control.


- The company has decided to expand its factory and establish a new factory in Bang Phae District, Ratchaburi Province.

- There is a commitment to green manufacturing, including building workspaces conducive to operations, avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals, and implementing comprehensive wastewater treatment, all under the vision that "Product quality can only be achieved when the quality of life of the workforce is good."

- Products from this factory have therefore received certification with the Green Label and Thailand Trust Mark, indicating they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and produced without illegal labor.



- Due to the expansion of the economy and increasing in competition of the new coming players, Thai textile companies have considered taking another step forward by unlocking creative thinking beyond budget constraints, leading to the creation of new fabric structures, designs, and colors.

- Through product development and overcoming limitations, Thai textile artisans have stepped into the global spotlight, receiving awards from international fabric competitions at prestigious fairs for multiple times.



- The company has decided to establish the PASAYA brand under Textile Gallery Co., Ltd. to present their work to Thai customers after their success on the global stage and serving as an OEM textile manufacturer for various entrepreneurs.

- The idea for the brand name came from the word 'แพศยา' ('Pa-Sa-Ya'), transformed into 'PASAYA', reflecting the brand's identity with the qualities of women that go beyond just beauty but also emphasizing in intelligence, competence, and empowerment, much like Queen Cleopatra.

- PASAYA made its debut at the Grand Opening Flagship Store at Gaysorn Shopping Mall on September 2, 2002.




- Since its establishment, the PASAYA brand has been producing and offering products and services including home decoration fabrics, curtains, furniture fabrics, bedding fabrics, and various lifestyle products in multiple countries.

- PASAYA is dedicated to innovating the high-quality, standardized products while considering the environment and consumers, aiming to provide products of 'value' to people and society. This commitment has earned PASAYA the DEmark Award and National Innovation Awards.

- PASAYA has elevated its product standards, receiving certifications both nationally and internationally.



- Since the establishment of the new factory with a commitment to green manufacturing in 2014, PASAYA has been certified with the Green Industry label and produces green-labeled products.

- To be consistent with environmental concept, PASAYA began utilizing Upcycling materials in product manufacturing and initiated the 'Project to Net Zero', aiming to replace electricity with solar energy and switch from coal to LPG gas.

- PASAYA also has vision of a fully green factory, aiming for a Net Zero Emission Factory by 2050, which will not emit greenhouse gases directly or indirectly. This includes forest factory projects, with over 100 acres of forest plantation planned, which will help absorb 300 tons of carbon dioxide from the air annually.