PASAYA Stories


Satin Textiles Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of home decorating textiles. We started from a small factory in Phrapradaeng district, Bangkok, with two second-handed weaving machines and less than 50 workers. With different visions from other providers, the company decided to invested in a design teams and IT department, both of which have since become extremely valuable to our operation. Our company have been able to create unique products and developed a refined IT systems and software to aid with the expansion of the company. In two years, we were able to export our products and and produced many newly designed fabrics for both local and international buyers. Due to difficulty in quality control, we decided to expand our production lines to be able to produce fabrics entirely on our own. We had moved the factory to Ratchaburi province in 1995. Since we have 100% control over quality, our company was capable of creating fabrics with new innovations and designs which were demanded from customers from all over Europe, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and many more places.
Why these buildings and land scape??
There was a joke that we used to say when we brought customers to our Prapradaeng factory, that from the start of the alley to the factory, we must pass several dumpsters. For each dumpster that the customers saw, our price reduced by 10 percents. This was the environment around our factory at that time due to many obstacles and restrictions of the area and also the company’s financial status. Working condition were not pleasant and we had many difficulties such as the heat during summer and flooding during rainy season. When we finally got the chance to build our dream factory, we designed each unit to serve and complement each production process. For example, weaving unit required controlled humidity therefore humidifiers were installed, dyeing unit was usually hot, so the building was built with little walls, and workers in the sewing units were constantly demanded to use their eyesight, so we built a garden in the middle of the building for them to relax their eyes. These were built for maximum potency of all employees. We believe that people who have quality in life are more capable to produce quality products. Our factory was designed with considerations to the quality of life and the environment and communities in the area. We received the Green Label and Thailand Trust Mark certificates as a guarantee that all our products are toxic-free, environmental-friendly, and all our products are formaldehyde free up to the EU standard.

Factory at the present!
In present days, PASAYA factory is opened for the public including students and governmental agencies for educational tours on textile production, waste management, and silkworm sericulture. Our restaurant, Octospider, is one of the must-see places in Ratchaburi province. Inspired by Arthur C. Clark’s sci-fi novels, the building has three long rectangular wings and situated 8 meters over a pond supported by many legs. Originally intended to be a cafeteria, the oddly shaped building has been renovated into a restaurant with panoramic view and delicious food.

It’s PASAYA time!

It’s PASAYA time! After 1995, our company had double export sales from the previous year. However, during the transition from 1999 to 2000, the world economy has begun to rise up as people were excited about the upcoming millennium. China started joining the world market as a manufacturer, and by its size and population, it was not difficult to speculate what will happen after. Our company had begun to remove designing from the cost of goods, therefore there were many new fabrics produced with new structures, designs, colours. These products had receive several awards from international textiles fairs in 2001, 2002, and 2003. However, Thai people were never aware of this apart from certificates and photos that were kept at the company. To eliminate competition as an OEM producer with Chinese companies, and with our strong desire to present our work to Thai consumers, we have decided to established our own brand under the name “PASAYA” which comes from the Thai word, “pas-sa-yha”. The name was derived under 3 conditions, first, it must be Thai. Second, it must be memorable for the customers, and lastly it must be able to be pronounced in any language.

The word ‘Pas-sa-yha’ in Thai is usually used in literature.
The meaning is actually ‘meretricious women’, however, not every woman can be a ‘pas-sa-yah’. The most famous woman who fits this description would be Cleopatra. If we look closely, to become such a person would requires many characteristics. Firstly, she must be beautiful. Secondly, she must be smart. And lastly, she must be in control. PASAYA has taken these characteristics to describe our brand personality as beautiful, intelligent, elegant, and independent.

PASAYA first appearance was our flagship store grand opening at Gaysorn Shopping Mall on 2nd September, 2002. Our products were originally home decorating textiles, made-to-order fabric products, and even tailor-made clothings. Most products were non-conventional and we finally showcased our innovations from 2000-2001 to Thai people.
What a bed linen!
From the first appearance, PASAYA has become an astonishment to the population as we appeared as a fashion brand. We held 2 fashion show in 2002-2003, and the clothes were designed by top Thai designers with boutique and innovative styles.

However, the most memorable moment of our brand happened in 2004, when we launched the Masculine & Feminine Beddings Collection in October. The concept was derived from the idea that the designs, colors, and feelings of the fabrics can represent sexuality, such like how French words characterise objects by being masculine or feminine.

The phenomenon has shaken the beddings market in Thailand since it was the first time a bedding collection was made with 60 different colours, and with brand-new fabrics which we proposed a guarantee that it has the quality never been seen before in the market. All PASAYA’s beddings are formaldehyde-free and have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, making our products customers’ favourites even to today.

In present days, PASAYA has expanded our services in many directions, including soft furnishing fabrics, upholsters, beddings, curtains, white products, and also lifestyle products such as bags, scarfs, and blazers. We have distribution channels throughout Thailand and other countries in Asia and Europe.

PASAYA continuously creates new innovations to improve functionality of our products. Energy saving curtains can lower the room temperature by 2-4 degrees Celsius when compared to normal curtains and reduce the cost of electricity. The energy saving curtain is patented and has won the Thailand Innovation Award, and D Mark and G Mark awards form Japan. Further projects include the Electricity-Saving Clothes which is held with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to manufacture and distribute wrinkle-free clothings with cooling effects.

Things which never change!

Satin Textiles and PASAYA have been working in corporation with Seub Narkasatien Foundation to protect the wildlife and forestry in Thailand since the establishment of the foundation.
We also founded the Tropical Forest Foundation in order to support Seub Narkasatien Foundation by fundraising for forest protection units construction and supplies for forest rangers. We further support local communities around the area to help protect the forest and wildlife.

Kids are our future!

Children are the most valuable assets of a nation, therefore their safety and social security are the most important missions of any country.

For decades, Thailand has become a travel destination of Southeast Asia since the introduction of Amazing Thailand project in 1998. In 2017, there were over 34 millions foreign visitors. Our economics are boosted up by the travel business, however, some of these travellers came to Thailand for cheap sex labour. Victims of this industry sometime includes children. According to Interpol, Thailand is the centre of human trafficking and children sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. This, obviously, caused an extensive damage to Thailand’s society and economy. (For more information, please visit www.safeguardkids.org)

PASAYA has participate in the establishment of Save Guard Kids Foundation in 2010, whose mission is to raise social awareness and promote protection for Thai children from sexual trafficking.

In Conclusion, Why PASAYA?

We believed that a conscientious lifestyle is a contented life with quality, value, and social responsibility. We would like PASAYA's customer to be filled with satisfaction and good health. Our products are design and made with delicate care, forethought, and social responisbility in mind. We dedicate ourselves to helping the youth and the environment, to ensure a brighter future for all of us.

A Passion for Life is a Passion for PASAYA