is to support the forest and wildlife protection activities for long term benefit of all mankind.


     Tapir is one of fifteen wildlife reserve in Thailand and one of the BIG 7 of The Western Wildlife Sanctuary which is located along the western part of Thailand consists of Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, total area about 19 thousands square kilometer. Tapir is one of the symbol of tropical forest, from its’ cute image, we selected tapir to represent the originality and richness of the biggest and the last origin forest of Thailand.

     The Tropical Forest Foundation was established in 2004. Our first event was the auction of the textile art which were the imitation of ‘the BIG 7 or the Greatest 7 wild animal of the Western Forest such as Green peafowl, Banteng, Tiger, Gaur, Wild water buffalo, Malaysian tapir, and Asian elephant on to the woven silk tapestry. Each was won 200,000 THB by 7 auctioneers. The total amount of 1.4 million THB was donated to the supporting funds for forest rangers in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. The foundation has hold many activities during the past 10 years, such as
1.Providing motorbikes and 4-wheels vehicles to aid the work of SeubNakhasathien Foundation.
2.Raising funds for tiger researches at Khao Nang Rum Wildlife Research Center.
3.Contributing for the constructions of research building at Khao Nang Rum Wildlife Research Center.
4.Raising a fund of 200,000 THB for the formation of Tee Shor Mae temporary forest protection Unit.

5.Supporting Seub Nakhasathien memorial day events.
6.In corporation with Pasaya, donating from Tropical Forest Foundation merchandise sold to support the forest and wildlife protection activities
7.Holding the “Carpet Art for the Forest” event in corporation with Pasaya to raise fund to build Pa-Bong Ranger Station in Thong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary
8.Recently, on the 18th February, 2018, holding the forest rangers supporting event with various organizations at Bangkok Art & Culture Center.

9.Fund raising from Earth filming event at Scala theatre for the forest rangers fund.
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