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The Factory


The Factory

The PASAYA factory was founded in 1995 and is located to the west of Bangkok in Ratchaburi province. 78 km. From Bangkok, the sizable estate of 64 hectares is comprised of six production buildings, one canteen, and fourteen dormitory units. The location of the factory can be found on Google Earth with the coordinates 13°43'17.03”N, 99°54'42.83”E. Presently, the factory employs over 600 workers, taken from the most recent data collected in 2014.

Included in the factory campus is the architecturally unique Octospider restaurant and canteen, which is a poplar destination for tourists who also visit the factory for special sales at the factory outlet.


The Green Policy

PASAYA's factory proudly set a Green Policy since its founding, and has been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 4001, and Oeko-tex 100 standard certifications to be awarded the Thai Green Label by the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) in associated with the Ministry of Industry.

At the heard of PASAYA's Green Policy is the water recycling program, which uses the effluent from our dying process, treats, filters, retains and reuses it. The retaining ponds on the facility serve as a habitat for fish and bird life, bringing beauty and serenity to the factory campus. In addition, the lack of chemicals being discharged into the environment keeps the nearby area clean and unspoiled for community use.

Other aspects of PASAYA's Green Policy include energy saving protocols, and empty land utilization for farming and agriculture on the campus while all products are designed to participate in the “Carbon Footprint” program, reducing our impact in every way possible.

Satin Textiles Co., Ltd. 
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We are a company inspired by beauty, elegance, intelligence, and independence. Our internationally acclaimed textile designers create products recognized the world over for quality and appeal. Our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes make PASAYA products innovative, unique, and superior in quality and value. PASAYA is a company driven by innovation and progress, and we want you to be a part of it.

Head Office
Textile Gallery Co., Ltd.
77/191-192 Sinnsathorn Tower, 42nd Fl.,
Krungdhonburi Rd., Klongsarn, Bangkok 10600 Thailand
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Website: www.pasaya.com
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